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What is an LTACH?

A Long Term Acute Care Hospital (LTACH) serves the needs of patients with medically complex conditions, especially those suffering from multisystem complications and needing extended recovery times – a hospital stay that is often 25 days or more. A patient is usually admitted after a short-term, acute-care hospital stay. After care in an LTACH, many patients are then able to transition from the LTACH to acute rehab, skilled nursing or go home. 

 As an LTACH, ContinueCARE Hospital at Baptist Health Corbin develops a continuum of care between the acute and long term phases of a patient’s illness.

Our innovative and distinctive physician-driven approach allows us to bring new meaning to the “hospital-within-a-hospital” model. As a separate, fully licensed and staffed hospital, we are able to provide intensive and complex medical treatment to patients requiring longer lengths of stay for acute-care.

We have specialty programs designed to meet the needs of long term, acutely ill patients with conditions including ventilator dependence, respiratory failure, chronic pulmonary problems, complex and severe wounds, and infections requiring long term antibiotic therapy. LTACH facilities also provide physical, occupational, and nutritional therapies.

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Featured Services

Ventilator Weaning

Care required to transition patients from the ventilator while treating any additional injuries or complications.

Wound Care

Comprehensive wound management for patients with pressure ulcers and other serious wounds.

Medically Complex

Care for patients with serious infections, diabetes management, and many other conditions requiring intensive and acute care.

Pulmonary Care

Care for patients with severe emphysema, chronic bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia and other related conditions.

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Awards and Designations

These achievements reflect team professionalism & hard work: Nursing Services, 2022; Long Term Acute Care, 2017 & 2022; Respiratory Therapy, the first facility to receive this award, 2019 & 2022.

Message from Our CEO

Hello, My name is Pam Harrison. I am the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Nursing Officer at ContinueCARE Hospital at Baptist Health Corbin. I have been in hospital leadership for several years, working both in short term acute and long term acute hospital settings. I came to Corbin in the fall of 2019 to take my current position. Being a Kentucky native, and growing up in a rural area, I personally know the value of local community hospitals. My goal for this hospital is to become the premier LTACH in Southeastern Kentucky. We are making great progress, and I believe we will surpass this goal in our strive for excellence.


Pam Harrison, BSN, MPA, MSN, MNA, CPPS
Chief Executive Officer, Chief Nursing Officer