About Our Hospital 

Acute Care Services

An LTACH takes care of serious medical problems for patients who are stable, but still very sick with complex medical conditions that require a longer length of stay. In many cases, patients are transferred from a community hospital to an LTACH because they need a longer recovery time and around-the-clock care.

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Ventilator Weaning

A major focus of the Pulmonary Program is the hospital’s ventilator weaning program. We provide the specialized care required to transition patients from the ventilator while treating any additional injuries or complications. Ventilator patients are also supported with pulmonary therapy, nutritional support and physical rehabilitation. We have a great Respiratory team that works with Dr. Sandeep Sharma. By working together, our patients see an 80% ventilator wean rate.


The Pulmonary Program cares for patients with severe emphysema, chronic bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia and other related conditions. The treatment offered for patients with pulmonary disease includes respiratory therapy, physical strengthening, energy conservation, breathing techniques, nutrition, and patient and family education.

Wound Care

Our team offers comprehensive wound management for patients with pressure ulcers and other serious wounds. Many times treatment is complicated by other complex medical issues such as diabetes or ostomy treatment, and our team offers special expertise in comprehensive wound management for LTACH patients. The treatment plan for wound care patients may include specialized therapies, infection control, physical and occupational therapy, and patient and family education.

Medically Complex

The Medically Complex Program is designed to treat patients with serious infections, diabetes, and many other conditions requiring intensive/acute care. The treatment plan for patients with medically complex problems may include surgery, nutritional support, IV medications, aspects of physical rehabilitation, and patient and family education.

Infectious Disease

Patients with complicated medical conditions can be more susceptible to infectious diseases due to compromised immune symptoms. Patients with these conditions benefit from our team’s specialized expertise treating life-threatening infections.

The ContinueCARE Difference

ContinueCARE Hospital at Baptist Health Corbin offers several unique benefits for patients and family members:

1. We provide care with an interdisciplinary approach with a care team of specialists working together for optimal patient outcomes.

2. Each patient will have an individualized care plan based on their needs and preferences

3. We encourage family and/or caregiver participation and keep loved ones informed every step of the way

4. We know the importance of bringing a family member back home. Our discharge numbers show our dedication to making that happen.